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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Instagram accounts are legit profiles from all over the world. They are members of our mutual network and we correspond with each of profile owner to ensure that you get the highest quality engagement.
On some platforms, the accounts are susceptible to unfollow you shortly after you receive their services; however, our network will maintain their loyalty to you. Our Instagram Followers are instant and permanent.
Our Instagram Services are completely legal. We have been doing this for over six years with a high level of success for our clients and absolutely zero legal issues.
Our systems are completely 100 % legal and can in no way compromise your profile’s security nor get your Instagram account blocked or deleted. Our word is our bond!
There's absolutely no risk involved. We work with real people and real accounts, the Instagram Followers are spread over time, so it looks like a natural but quick flow.
There are several reasons, why boosting your Instagram Profile can give a significant advantage. It makes you look interesting, entertaining as well as professional. Be the hype yourself!
Since these are accounts of real people with a will of their own, a slight decrease in followers may occur from time to time. In order to compensate for this, we automatically provide you with additional 25% of followers over the amount you requested to stop-gap loses.
The term Instagram followers apply only to Instagram followers, which are people who follow you on Instagram. Instagram likes are the engagement a follower gives your photos.
Here at SocialFollowers, we treasure trust above else. When you buy any package from our service offering, you will receive a personalized email from us that not only details your purchase package, but also the promise of a full refund if you didn’t feel you received what you paid for.

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Why Should You Buy Instagram Followers in 2021?

With more followers in your account, your profile will reflect competency, quality, and insight. Whether or not you spend your time on the internet connecting with others or jut surfing the net, it’s very likely by now that you use popular apps like Instagram or Facebook to communicate with others on a daily basis. Getting Instagram Followers via purchase is a great way to establish yourself online and help your profile reach a greater audience and attract interesting business opportunities.

The more followers you have, the better your Instagram profile will rank within the SEO engines of Google who monitor and publish the ones that get the most engagement with others. Instagram is a social media platform in which 90% of profiles are verified via phones and currently is the number one spot to target for getting leads.

By purchasing Instagram Followers, you will certainly boost your rating worldwide regardless of what you use it for! Sooner or later this will be beneficial for you in many ways. And just remember — we are here to guide you towards your goals!

We analyzed the top 100 Instagram profiles to study their engagement rates

The top 100 Instagram profiles in the world right now all share a similar formula when it comes to managing their accounts. What we have found is just how much interaction you should receive from your Instagram followers by studying the stats of the top 10 social media Instagram influencers.

Our strategy is the absolute right away on how to get these numbers which no other service can provide. By acquiring Instagram followers with us, you will have access to the type of information needed to establish an ideal profile. We’ll stick with you and offer our support on getting the right percentage of social media interaction and engagement!

The Optimal Interaction Rate for Social Media is:

Optimal Like / Follower Ratio:
6 %
This means only 6% of your followers need to like your posts

Likes:                    7.5%
Comments:         0.5%

Optimal Comment/Follower Ratio:
0.5 %
This means only 0.5% of your followers need to like your posts

Likes:                    6%
Comments:         0.3%

Don’t feel intimidated for a second because these numbers may seem puzzling at first. We at Social Followers want to help you climb the social media ladder of and we are here to guide you each step of the way. We offer our full support for any questions you may have. We take our commitment to our clients seriously – your goals are our goals! You can trust us as experienced, professional digital marketing experts and we will help you reach your goals.

The three main reasons for private users to amplify their engagement rates are:

1. Boost high-quality user interaction on posts
2. Boost popularity
3. Boost active Instagram followers

The goal for Business accounts, including owners and promotional marketers, is to push their company or brand towards a larger audience while at the same time increasing their recognition and sales figures. Potential customers are very interested in their reputation and the overall visibility of their brand and online presence.

No matter what kind of business you have, a good marketing strategy will play an integral part in increasing your overall profitability and boost your sales incrementally. With posts detailing your products’ ingenuity being visually displayed to a wider audience, more customers will be interested in your product! By using our services you will see a stunning increase in interest within hours. With just a fraction of an investment in our knack for marketing, and you will be reimbursed tenfold in revenues.

This means the three main reasons for businesses to increase their Instagram traffic are:

1. Boost brand awareness
2. Boost brand loyalty
3. Boost sales

Our service offers several packages which include: Instagram followers, comments, views, likes and even customized comments are available to your specification. Try our free trial if you aren’t sure yet!

OUR PROMISE: Your content will become more attractive to others

If you provide quality content on a regular basis, more and more people will start appreciating your effort and start following you, Instagram often features trending new accounts on what is called their featured accounts list. By adding followers, your account will get much-needed traction which will pay for itself by listing you on the top list of rising talents. This way people from all around the world will get a glimpse of your account and appreciate your commitment.

OUR PROMISE: You will reach your ideal audience much quicker

In the ever-increasing world of social media, getting to the top is often a test of speed more than anything else. While for some people it might take years to reach a level of renown they are comfortable with, sadly some accounts never realize their full potential and remain invisible forever. Think of our services as a quick jump-start to highlight your business or position you as an authority; however, we can only offer help in the advertisement department, it’s up to you and your content to make a difference as quality will topple quantity time and time again.

What if I don’t want Instagram Followers?

That is also perfectly fine and we respect your decision. Our services provide guides on how to boost your online presence by counseling with you on marketing decisions. If you begin at zero, it will take you a while until you can expect results, so plan accordingly by uploading content regularly and returning favors (likes and engagements) from new followers. Instagram also uses what is known as an engagement rate, which monitors all virtual interactions between the users. This is the key to getting more recognition with our services, we can steer you the right way and tell you which type of engagements can hinder your growth.

Our Service is personalized and we care about your profile!

Here at SocialFollowers, we take pride in helping our customers achieve the perfect balance of comments and likes our service provides. Currently, we are the only one in business which monitors your account and lets you know on how to maintain the perfect balance of engagement from your dedicated fan base. We want you to thrive and help you reach your desired goal.

Start your new social experience now and get the fitting Instagram followers or like packages now.

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